Account Policies

1. Minimum Age

The process to verify age is detailed below. Checks at multiple phases are implemented to verify that Player is at least 18 years old to register and play on this site.

A. Registration phase:

The registration form requires the following data to create an account. Player warrants and Cozy games is entitled to verify that:

  1. Player has provided their accurate name;
  2. Player has provided their accurate address,
  3. Player has provided their accurate date of birth,
  4. Player has provided accurate other details in the registration form such as email, gender, telephone number;
  5. Player is not party to a current self-exclusion agreement with Cozygames;

Affirmation of Age
Before submitting the registration form, an explicit check box needs to be checked that says “I agree to the Terms of Use and confirm that I am above 18 years of age”

B. Website terms and conditions

The website terms and conditions clearly state the following:

  1. Providing incorrect data during registration process or any other stage will result in immediate closure of account and ALL bets will be voided.
  2. It is an offence to participate in gambling activities if player is under 18 years of age.
  3. Cozy games is entitled to verify a player's age during registration and at any other point.
  4. As part of this verification process, Cozy games may request several supporting documents for Age and address verification.
  5. Any account that cannot be verified within 72 hours will be frozen.
  6. If age verification the customer is shown to be underage, the Cozy games will return to the customer any money paid in respect of the use of the gambling facilities, but no winnings shall be paid.

C. Deposit phase

During the deposit phase, our 'payment gateway' provider also verify several aspects such as

  1. Age for 18+
  2. Player geographical location
  3. 7995 coding so issuing banks may identify and reject the payment based their gambling policy

D. Payout phase

During the payout phase, player MUST submit documentation to verify Age and Address. No payouts are processed unless we have the documentation, including a photo id on file. Any players who do not submit satisfactory documents will have their payouts frozen. Subsequently the account will also be frozen pending verification.

E. Third party verification partner

Cozy games uses GB group Plc for address and age verification.

F. Enabling of filters to restrict site access

Cozy games websites contains sitemaps, Metatags and keywords related to gambling such as gambling, slots etc, to enable filtering software to recognize Cozy games sites as gambling website in order to restrict access to relevant pages of the sites.

2. Registration Policy

The services for each user are restricted to only one player per household, irrespective of the number of computers booked under that address. The identifying parameters of a user include any one or more of the following: name, mailing address, e-mail address, computer, IP address, credit card or charge card number as well as any other details needed by the Cozy Games Management Ltd. or any of its white label partners. Those with already have registered accounts, currently or in the past, with the Cozy Games Management Ltd. or any of its brands including in-house and partner, shall not create another account, except if the Cozy Games Management Ltd. chooses to do so.

Cozy Games Management Ltd. reserves the right to decline the acceptance of an account registration at any time at its sole discretion. If an account is closed, we will honour all contractual obligations and all unused balances will be refunded to account holders, subject to the meeting with terms and conditions of withdrawal policy and Management's obligations under the Gaming Supervision Commission's directives.

Players using false or misleading information during registration will have their accounts closed and all winnings will be forfeited. Such players will themselves be liable for all loses in terms of deposits. Player registration may be refused or closed at the Operator's sole discretion but contractual obligations already made, will be honoured.

Management at its sole discretion may withhold or delay any withdrawal of funds made from any game which may require further investigation due to any system malfunction. In this case, we will be under no obligation to pay players who take advantage of these occurrences and an alternative award may be determined on a case by case basis.

At its discretion, management may suspend, void any winnings or withhold any balance if the player is found to have violated any of these terms of the website & terminate the player’s account, without prior notice.

3. Prohibited Users

Cozy Games Management Ltd. would not be held responsible for violation of applicable laws of the residing state or country of prohibited players. In case a player is found to be indulged in illegal gaming, the Management reserves the right to annul the wagering and winnings, related to the player.

Players are responsible for adhering to the laws of their lands and abide by them. They are prohibited to access the website/s from countries which come under restricted access, legally or commercially (Restricted countries).

The list of countries that have legal access to our gaming sites and from which business is accepted is available during account opening and can be confirmed through our Customer Support team. The list of countries with whom we engage in business can be amended or edited, at our sole discretion. Players are advised to regularly check the updated list to ensure that they do not access our services from a restricted geo-location.

4. Transfer of Accounts and Funds

Any act of selling, transferring and/or acquiring accounts to and from other players, is strictly prohibited by Cozy Games Management Ltd.Players are also prohibited from transferring funds to and among player accounts.

5. Account Termination

At any point in time, if the Management comes to know/suspects or is informed of any of the below mentioned violations; Management reserve the right to terminate a player’s account, withhold the amount present in the account or annul any winnings without prior notice.

a. A player provides incorrect or misleading information during registration

b. A player holds more than one active account with the Site in his/her name

c. There is a mismatch between the name mentioned in a player’s account & the name on the credit card(s) used to make deposits in the account

d. A player is yet to attain the official legal age

e. An unauthorized person is allowed; by the player (intentionally or unintentionally) to play through his/her registered account

f. A player resides in a restricted geo-location/jurisdiction that prohibits participation in the Games

g. A player has opted for self-exclusion on any website operated by the Cozy Games Management Ltd.

h. Against any of his/her deposits a player has raised a "charged back"

i. A player has taken refuge to immoral or improper ways or used system (including computers, software or other automated systems) specifically to defeat the system

j. A player indulges in unlawful usage or abuse of any promotional offers, special schemes or bonuses

k. A player uses unlawful game related schemes/ programs in order to reap the maximum from a game-play

l. If in a previous case, a player’s account has been terminated due to failure in adherence to these terms of use, across any website operated by the Cozy Games Management Ltd., & the player’s current account is associated with the existing terminated accounts, the Management reserves the right to block the player’s existing account, irrespective of the registration details provided against the mentioned accounts; or if in case the Management becomes aware that a player has played at any other online gaming site under any of the circumstances set out above

m. An account or groups of accounts are synchronized to function systematically – for example using unique wagering techniques or wagering in groups or in a specific pattern, the Cozy Games Management Ltd. reserves the right to block/terminate such suspected accounts and the Management is not obliged to refund any funds to the players that may be in the suspected accounts

n. Any account, operated by Cozy Games Management Ltd. is not being used for the purpose of playing on our websites

o. A suspicion arises that a member is abusing any of our deposit related bonuses in any way; the Cozy Games Management Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the account, and any related accounts across our websites (operated by the Cozy Games Management Ltd.), and confiscatefunds existing in such accounts

p. If a player is found to be abusing/taking undue advantage of our free sites and free games we reserve the right to terminate the account, and any related accounts across our websites (operated by the Cozy Games Management Ltd.), and withhold the funds from the alleged accounts. In case of any suspicion or information that a player is taking undue advantage of the spirit of the free game sites – for example continuously playing free games only, or by procuring all tickets for a free game, we possess the right to close the account, and any related accounts across our websites (operated by the Cozy Games Management Ltd.), and withhold the funds present in the account

q. A player is convicted for committing any kind of fraud or has attempted to cheat/deceive (See ‘Fraud’ section)

r. In case a player is found/alleged or convicted of being involved in conspiracy, match fixing, or cheating of any kind (includes gaining/taking undue advantage)

s. A player is directly/indirectly involved in Money Laundering (including aid to terrorist funding)

t. If a player is involved/supporting/directly or indirectly associated with any criminal activity or activities prohibited by the law

u. A playerdeclares bankruptcy or is facing any such proceedings against him/herin any geographical territory

In case of the aforementioned cases, the Management has the right to inform the applicable legal authorities or external parties (this includes other gambling operators) and provide the relevant Player information.

6. Know Your Client

A 'Know Your Client' procedure will be carried out on all real money players. We will request you to provide additional proof of identity to assist with our age verification policy before processing your withdrawal. Upon request we will require specific proof of identity in the form of photo copy of a valid passport or driving license, utility bill or header of a recent bank or credit card statement along with specific proof of deposit method like front copy of credit/debit card.

As part of Money Laundering requirements, withdrawals may be subject to Proof of Identity checks. In accordance with the Act, no payments shall be made unless the player's identity, age, Deposit method and place of residence have been verified.

7. Account Closure or Self Exclusion

In the event of Account Closure or Self exclusion, initiated by the player or by Cozy Games Management Ltd, the real money balance in the account would be paid to the player, either:

a. Directly through a payout, as per the eligible payout terms
b. Or, through a refund of the deposits made on the site, by deducting the cashed out amount

8. Dormant Accounts

The accounts which do not see players transact (deposit/wager) for 30 days or more will be termed as ‘inactive’. These inactive accounts will be entitled to maintenance charges (non-refundable) as per the rates mentioned below, till the time when account balance comes down to zero.

  • Inactive for 30-90 days - £5 per month
  • Inactive for 91-180 days inactive - £10 per month

If a player does not transact (deposit/wager)for a period of 180 days or more will be considered ‘dormant’, and Cozy Games Management Ltd. reserves the right to close the player’s account. Also, the entire balance held in such accounts shall be forfeited to the Cozy Games Management Ltd. without any further notice.

Players shall neither consider Cozy Games Management Ltd. as a financial body nor expect any interest upon their deposits or balance amount.

9. Refuse a bet or any part of a bet;

  • Annulment of accepted bets and withholding the settlement against them (other instances can prevail, where we have annulled a bet as detailed under the specific event in our terms of use, or in accordance to instructions byrelevant authority)
  • Provisional freezing of a player’s account/s andprohibiting the usage of the websites operated by Cozy Games Management Ltd. Accounts against which internal or external investigations are on-going, can remain temporarily frozen
  • Withhold partly or wholly a player’s account balances or stakes, which would eventually be deemed forfeited by the player

10. Fraud

  • Fraud refers to any deception that has been committed by a player or a person/s on behalf of the players or conspiring along with the player and includes activities like providing misleading or false information during registration, plan to gain undue advantage, illegal usage of funds not belonging to the player which includes the usage of a payment method which is either unauthorized, stolen or illegally duplicated.
  • If a player is convicted or suspected of committing fraud, the Management will take strict legal action against the player which can tantamount to denial of payments & reporting the player to the concerned authorities.
  • In the event of any losses incurred by Cozy Games Management Ltd. due to a fraud committed by a player; the player would be held responsible to pay us, on demand, all costs, charges or losses borne by us. The charges would include any and all direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit and reputation, which has been resulted due to the player’s direct/ indirect fraudulent activities,or any criminal act.
  • If we are informed/suspect or become aware that a player has wagered with or played at any other online gambling site or have conspired (includes in relation with charge-backs) for any unlawful activities, the Management would consider this act as a fraud committed by the player.

Fraud warning: If in case a player is found or suspected to have partaken into ant fraudulent, unlawful or criminal acts, Cozy Games Management reserves the right to report the player to & his/her activities to the respective authorities & seek criminal or other sanctions against the player.

11. Account Disputes

If the player has any dispute with regards to any outcome, she/he must submit a complaint to in writing within fourteen (14) days of the event taking place to Cozy Games Management Ltd.

Any disputes must be made in writing providing all the details (date, time, details of game play under question). We take player disputes very seriously and take all reasonable steps to investigate and resolve all disputes.

If, at this point, the complaint cannot be resolved we will contact you confirming that this is our final response and the end of our Internal Complaints Procedure.

At this stage you can then refer your complaint to ADR which is eCogra:


eCOGRA is a dispute resolution service provider who Cozygames Management Limited has appointed as an independent entity to offer alternative dispute resolution facilities for disputes (namely any complaint which relates to the outcome of a complainant's gambling transaction and is not resolved at the first stage of Our complaints procedure). Please note that eCOGRA may reject complaints referred for dispute resolution on the basis they are frivolous or vexatious. The dispute resolution facilities provided shall be free of charge to You.

12. Promotional Offers

By registering and accepting the Terms of Use, the player is confirming that he/she has subscribed to receive Promotional emails, Calls, SMS and Mail to inform player about any promotions that we or our partners may have to offer. The terms of these promotional offers will be clearly stated for each individual promotion. It is your responsibility to ensure that these terms are fulfilled in order to qualify for the respective bonus, credit or prize and also to facilitate any subsequent withdrawal. These promotional terms are to be read in conjunction with these terms. If there is any ambiguity between these Terms and the promotion specific Terms, then these terms will prevail. Promotional offers are restricted to one per player, unless otherwise stated in the terms. Should the player not wish to receive this information they should contact live help or email support team giving their full contact details or use the unsubscribe feature from any email received.