VR Bingo Halls: The Future of Bingo Nights?

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Online bingo is soaring as the industry continues to tailor bingo games for the younger generation. With so many brick-and-mortar bingo halls closing down, it appears the next step in the bingo experience is the virtual thrill. With bingo’s ability to adapt, virtual reality bingo halls could definitely be next for this well-loved social game.

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Get ready for virtual reality bingo nights

The introduction of bingo for mobile has also contributed to the steady rise in popularity of the game. Where players could access games from the comfort of their homes, with bingo for mobile, they can now play them on the go. As the famed and favourite game takes a leap into virtual reality gaming, let’s take a look at what virtual reality is and how it can be used for online bingo.

What are virtual reality bingo halls?

With virtual reality, players can play bingo games at any time while feeling like they’re sitting in a bingo hall. Virtual reality allows players the chance to immerse themselves in the charm, sounds, and atmosphere of a traditional bingo hall without having to be there. Players can explore and interact with the virtual world around them using specialised gadgets, including a VR helmet or VR glasses, as well as devices that track the movement of your hands and fingers. One of the more popular VR products on the market at the moment is the Oculus Rift – a VR headset that changed the PC gaming world when it was released in 2016.

What’s great about virtual reality bingo?

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The graphics and audio used in these VR headsets makes the bingo hall around you feel almost real — your brain will believe that you are truly in a bingo hall. The important social aspect of bingo can still be enjoyed through the VR headset too, and you even have the ability to turn this feature off if you want a little peace and quiet. Virtual reality bingo also lets you see the caller as they draw your lucky numbers, as well as hear the sounds that bring the virtual bingo hall to life – this is what makes live bingo such a unique experience!

What does the future of bingo look like?

Playing bingo will never go out of style and as online bingo captures the attention of a younger generation, the bingo industry will continue being hands-on when it comes to evolving the bingo experience. The future and relevance of the game will rely on implementing new technologies and innovating the core experience and formula of bingo. Other casino games such as poker, blackjack, and slots are great examples of how the live casino experience has allowed these games to grow in popularity.

The future of bingo will include finding fun and innovative ways to bridge the gap between the traditional in-hall bingo and the online experience. The inclusion of social elements such as chat rooms were the first steps in making online bingo more social, but online bingo sites are constantly working to enhance the experience even further.

How will VR bingo impact traditional and online bingo

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The success of bingo online and its continued popularity are both thanks to the mobile experience. As smartphone technology has developed over the last few years, mobile bingo apps and games have seen some massive improvements of their own. This changes the gaming experience from the traditional sit-down session, to a series of rapid-fire bingo games that you can take anywhere you go. Bingo online offers more ways to play and the fact that these games are accessible through your laptop, tablet and smartphone makes it a whole lot more convenient.

VR bingo is the trendiest activity right now for people who enjoy lottery-like games. With its unique social experience, it’s an exciting fresh take on regular online bingo. Instead of playing bingo on your own, you and your friends can simply put on your VR headsets and visit a virtual bingo hall together. For now, traditional bingo halls and regular bingo sites have nothing to worry about, as VR hardware is still very expensive. You’ll need to spend a fair few pounds to get the proper equipment in order to enjoy the benefits and wonders of VR. As virtual reality becomes more popular and the technology improves, prices will surely start to drop and VR gaming will become a lot more affordable. With VR still in early stages of adoption, bingo sites looking to get there first will also have to invest greatly in order to implement the technology into their bingo games.

As we look into the future of what a typical bingo night might look like, it is clear that eventually VR and bingo sites will cross paths. It’s only a matter of time before a mass number of online users have access to affordable VR hardware, which will influence the industry to meet the demand for virtual reality bingo games.

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