Top Songs for Your Bingo Night Playlist

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A winning bingo game night at home needs a playlist to match it. Good music goes a long way in livening up a bingo night and getting your guests into the groove. You can also use music to create a fun theme for the evening, such as a golden oldies night or a 2000s pop-fest. Here are some song and theme ideas to get you started.

Music sets the scene

Whether you are hosting your own bingo night at home, playing at a bingo hall, or you are playing online bingo, the music you’re listening to sets the mood and atmosphere for the game. When you’re organising the playlist for your bingo night, get your friends to send over some of their favourite songs and add them to the playlist so everyone can look forward to their songs coming up.

Take it a step further and match the music with the theme for the whole evening! Try creating your own themed playlists such as a 70s, 80s, and 90s theme, or for a younger crowd, movie soundtracks or songs from popular TV shows. You can find some ideas for themes at popular online bingo games at sites like Booty Bingo. Just scroll through the hundreds of themed games available and you are bound to come up with some great ideas of your own.

If you need a little help putting together the ultimate playlist for your bingo night at home, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Family—friendly playlists

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Bingo is a game that is always fun to play, whether you are in your 20s or your 80s. Much like music, bingo brings people of all ages and cultures together. Here are a few quick ideas for some family-friendly playlists for your bingo night.

TV shows

Theme songs from TV shows are great for a family crowd, with old classics like Cheers, Friends, Frasier, and Seinfeld as just a few starting ideas. This is a great theme because it has a little something for each age group.

Movie Soundtracks

There are some amazing movie soundtracks that make for even better bingo playlists. This theme is amazing for family crowds because our favourite movies span the decades. From classics like Stayin’ Alive from Saturday Night Fever and Singin’ in the Rain that the older generations can enjoy, to something that the younger generations might recognise such as Eminem’s Lose Yourself from the movie 8 Mile. No matter the category, there is something for everyone in the family with this theme.

For the older crowd

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For an older crowd, you can easily make playlists with enough golden oldies to keep everyone dancing, but not everything has to be from way back when. Some great classic entertainers that will keep the party going include Elvis, Patsy Cline, The Beach Boys, and Jimmy Buffet. You could also try these ideas for your bingo night playlists.

The 70s

The 70s was a crazy and turbulent decade for music that inspired artists of the time to create some of the most iconic songs in history. Songs like Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and the iconic Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, are only a few suggestions to help kickstart your 70s music playlist.

The Beatles

The Beatles are a band so iconic, and so loved, that they earned a category unto themselves. Your guests won’t be able to stop singing along to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Come Together, Paperback Writer, and of course Yellow Submarine. For a playlist that everyone is guaranteed to dance and sing along to, this one is a sure thing.

Get creative with your playlists

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You don’t always have to have a single artist or genre in your theme, and it can be quite fun to experiment with some different and unique ideas. You can do a food fight theme with all the songs having food in their titles, or a girls vs. boys theme with songs about men and women. Here are a few more ideas to inspire some creativity in your playlists.

One hit wonders

A playlist of one-hit wonders with songs like Toni Basil’s Hey Mickey, Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, or I Get Knocked Down by Chumbawamba, could bring back some good memories and questionable dance moves from your guests. Everyone knows these mega hits and can dance and sing along.

And then there was hair

The 80s were riddled with big hair and rock ballads, with members from bands like KISS, Poison, and Guns-n-Roses having some of the biggest hair in the music industry. Add some other iconic heads of hair from music history such as Jim Morrison, Jon Bon Jovi, and Steven Tyler, and you’ve got a playlist dedicated to music’s most luscious locks.

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