The Role of Augmented Reality and Technology in Online Bingo

Closeup of a man wearing futuristic augmented reality glasses watching a holograph

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace, making it hard to keep up with all the developments that are changing industries and our lives overnight. But what can online bingo fans expect from the rapid evolution of technology? Let’s take a look.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is where the digital world meets the real world, and where devices are used to overlay different digital elements with the real environment around you. It’s possible to experience AR through smartphones, as well as with wearable devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens and Google Glasses. In the future, we might see devices that can project holograms directly into our environment or even cybernetic implants for a more personal AR experience.

AR has existed for many years, but it only really entered mainstream consciousness with the introduction of the smash hit Pokémon Go. Most of you will remember the Pokémon Go craze! In this game, players could move around the real world, but also navigate a virtual Pokémon world at the same time. Using AR, they could capture Pokémon that were nearby, battle other players, and help their allies control Pokémon Gyms.

The game proved to be a massive hit, amassing over 500 million downloads in less than 3 months, and generating about $470 million dollars in the same period.

Online bingo could use AR to create a similar system to Pokémon Go, where players who want to play will appear in AR on a smartphone app, and then gather to play against each other at a nearby park or coffee shop.

More competitive players could even opt-in to scoring systems and stats tracking, which could then be viewed through AR, the same way sports stadiums are bringing in live AR stats with 5G. Imagine being able to show off all your wins in real-time!

With the AR market expected to reach over $27 billion by 2025, it’s almost a given that online bingo developers will look to introduce some sort of AR features for bingo games at some point in the near future.

Virtual reality

Young woman adjusting her virtual reality headset and smiling while sitting at a desk

Virtual reality (VR) allows a player to transport themselves to a virtual world, completely different from the real-world space they inhabit, through the use of a VR headset.

Most people today are familiar with VR technology thanks to movies and television. More recently, the introduction of relatively affordable consumer VR systems, like the Oculus Quest, Sony Playstation VR, and Windows Mixed Reality devices, have also made VR gaming more accessible.

But what does this mean for bingo?

Instead of going to an actual hall, or playing a game on your mobile device, VR gives players the opportunity to step into virtual bingo halls without even having to get up off the couch! Developers have already begun experimenting with single-player VR bingo games, and it shouldn’t be too long until VR halls start to take over the mobile bingo space, especially once the hardware becomes more affordable and easy-to-use.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been portrayed in many interesting, but often incorrect ways in the media. From AI-powered oppressors to conscious machines that simply wish to be free, stories often portray AI as being able to replicate the complexity of human thought, whereas the reality is quite different.

Our current AI systems are hyper-focused, usually being excellent at one thing and its inter-related tasks. Some of these AI are able to perform their tasks better than any human could, but these same AI tools fail to understand anything outside of the job they’ve been designed for. It’s this level of specialisation that’s resulted in AI’s use in online gambling, primarily as a way to help improve the experience for players.

AI systems are being used to analyse player behaviour and help identify the early signs of addiction, as well as provide the player with offers, such as new game recommendations, and bonuses that can enhance their experience. With a deeper understanding of how people play, an AI system can also identify cheaters who may be using additional apps or even cheating AI to help them win.

AI also has a role to play in customer service. In the past, it would be fairly obvious to tell that you were dealing with a customer service bot, but AI is being used to make bots more advanced – even if they still have to hand over to a human when they’re not sure how to help you. Eventually, we might see AI that can help you solve all your customer service problems!

Live streaming

People standing against a concrete wall on their cellphones watching a live stream

Where live broadcasts were once the domain of multimillion-dollar companies, today anyone with a decent computer, webcam and internet connection, or even just a smartphone and mobile data, can reach out to millions of viewers across the world in real-time. Professional gamers and esports have understood the importance of this growing technology and used it to reach and grow audiences across the world.

To put this into perspective, the global championship for the world’s most popular team-based esport, League of Legends, brought in over 100 million viewers in 2019. This was more viewers than the NFL Super Bowl in the same year!

Online bingo may never reach these massive heights, but there’s definitely a space for live streaming popular bingo events, as well as room for young players who want to become live streamers.

The future of bingo is bright

Where bingo was once considered a game for your gran, increased accessibility through online services and mobile devices, as well as its simplicity to learn and fun gameplay, has introduced the game to a new generation of virtual players. Even if bingo halls never reach the peaks they once achieved, there’s no doubt that players will carry the legacy of this much-loved game into cyberspace, and into the future.

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