The Most Popular Bingo Chat Games and How to Play Them

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You’ve probably heard about online bingo chat games. But what exactly are they?

Well, to put it simply, they’re a way to chat with other players and the chat moderators (CM’s) on a bingo site. This allows you to not only have a bit of banter, but also type in answers to certain questions, and potentially win some bonus prizes!

How these work will differ from site to site, but in most cases the CM’s will announce a game ahead of time and post questions in the chat. If you respond with the right answer, you could stand a chance to win, depending on the game. To give you a better idea of some of the games you can play, here are 10 of the most common bingo chat games:

10 of the most popular bingo chat games

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1. Trivia

If you’re a big fan of a pub quiz, then you’ll love this one. As with many of these types of trivia games, popular topics are general knowledge, celebrities, music and TV.

The theme might differ from game to game, but the format will most often involve the CM posting the name of a character in the chat, and then you have to guess the series or movie that they’re in. The CM might also post a quote and you have to guess what movie it’s from.

2. Holidays and sporting events

Depending on the time of year, the CM might decide to host a holiday-themed game or one that is focused around a current sporting event.

This could include a Christmas or Halloween quiz, or asking you to name a famous football player who is making a name for themselves in a top league. Days like Valentine’s Day also provide many opportunities for different chat games, which could include having to name one half of a famous couple or the title of a famous rom-com based on a quote.

3. Team games

Who said playing online bingo games couldn’t be sociable? Depending on the number of people in the chat, and the functionality of the site, you could also take part in team games. This means that you work together with other players to answer questions, and if you win, the whole team wins!

This is an exciting way to grab some prizes, meet new people and interact with other players.

4. Birthday

The birthday game involves you giving the CM your birthday in a certain format, for example, 02/05. If these numbers are called out during the game, and you write “birthday” into the chat box in time, you could stand a chance to win!

5. Anagram

Does playing and exercising your brain at the same time sound like fun? This game will definitely get you thinking! The CM will post an anagram or a jumble of mixed up letters, and you have to uncover the word and then post it into the chatbox. To help you out, the CM will usually give you a theme beforehand so you have some kind of clue to start with.

6. Karaoke

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If you’ve ever belted out the lyrics to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on a night out at a karaoke bar, you’ll love this game. The CM will post a line of lyrics from a well-known song and you have to guess what it is. If you get it right, you could win some kind of a bonus prize, depending on the site.

7. Blackjack

Bringing in elements of casino table games can add some excitement when playing chat games online. You give the CM three numbers that add up to 21, and if these numbers are called during the game, and you type in the word “blackjack” in time, you could be the winner.

8. Corners

Keeping track of corner numbers is a classic bingo tactic, and one that you can enjoy when playing chat games too. All you need to do is give the CM each of the four numbers in the corners of your ticket. If these numbers are called out during the game, and you type in “corners”, and, well, there we go!

9. Devils

This is a bit more of a sinister one, but quite a fun way to keep track of the numbers. This game involves keeping an eye out for all of the numbers that are called that end in a 6. If three numbers are called, and you type in the word “devils” into the chat just after the third one, you could strike it lucky.

10. Fill in the blank

This is a popular one, and can be applied to any different theme that the CM likes. What happens is the CM will type in a sentence with a blank space, and you have to fill in the missing word. For example, the CM might type in something like “Jack and Jill went up the ___”, and the first person to type in “BLANK hill” is the winner!

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