The Do’s and Don’ts of Bingo Halls

Hands holding up Bingo sign with colourful lights in the background

If you’re planning on visiting a bingo hall for the first time, or you haven’t been in a while, it’s worth having a quick refresher on the etiquette around bingo games and how you’re expected to conduct yourself while you’re there. Unlike casinos, there are just a few basic rules to follow when you pop in to play bingo. At the end of the day, the main concern for the establishment is that all their players have clean, safe fun while they play and these do’s and don’ts are there to ensure that happens. Here are the most common etiquette rules that you’ll find in bingo halls across the world.

DO talk to other people

When it comes to socialising, bingo halls offer a wonderful opportunity to make new friends or just enjoy yourself for the evening. Contrary to popular belief, we have a whole host of age groups within our clubs and that means that players of all ages will have the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people for the night. It’s important that you mingle with other players and enjoy yourself! In fact, these evening social relations often turn into budding friendships that expand much further than the hall and will make every visit a more enjoyable one. Halls are also an excellent idea for events, whether that’s work gatherings, birthdays, or casual drinks, you can bring friends and family along to enjoy the night with you!

DON’T talk through the calling

As mentioned above, we’re all about socialising at the bingo hall, however, it’s important that you are also respectful of the others playing too. Once the caller starts to announce the number, it’s important that you keep any socialising to a light whisper or just concentrate on the numbers while they’re being called instead of talking. It’s essential that players respect each other to ensure that the evening is as enjoyable as can be.

DON’T take lucky seats

Just as you may have chosen a necklace as your lucky charm, some of the more regular customers may have developed a penchant for a ‘lucky’ chair. In this case, you may be asked by another player to move from the chair so they can sit in ‘their’ spot. It’s best to find somewhere else close by that you can sit and enjoy the evening. The player will be happy to have their chair and you’ll still be able to take part in an enjoyable bingo experience.

DO think before you call

We completely understand that playing bingo is incredibly exciting and that’s just one of the reasons why it is such a popular game in the UK. However, you are not going to make many friends if you keep falsely shouting out “bingo” at every opportunity you have. Ensure that you take a look at your card carefully before shouting out. Mistakes do happen and if you shout out bingo incorrectly once then no one will fault you, but don’t be one of those bingo players that makes a habit of crying wolf.

DON’T bring your own food and beverages

Person buying food at counter paying with credit card

Bingo halls will more than likely have their own catering services with a bar and snacks on offer for players throughout the evening. This is where they will make some much-needed money to keep the club going. Don’t bring your own food and beverages to a bingo game. Rather support the club by purchasing from their catering options.

Do keep your kids quiet

Most bingo players will understand that not everyone has the means to leave their children with a babysitter while they enjoy a game of bingo. However, it’s essential to remember that most people are here to enjoy an evening out and you must ensure that you keep your kids entertained, so that they don’t disturb the proceedings. If you have to bring your kids along, make sure that they are stocked up on snacks, drinks and games so they don’t disturb the other players.

Don’t smoke in undesignated areas

Long gone are the days of smoking inside wherever you are and as with most establishments, bingo halls do have designated smoking areas. Ensure that you stick to these areas for your smoke breaks. You won’t just be putting non-smokers at risk, you’ll also be breaking the law and could be fined and banned from the establishment.

DO have fun

The most important thing that you should do while you’re out on a bingo evening is to simply have fun. Bingo is a wonderful game that is enjoyed by people of all ages and you’re sure to get the opportunity to make friends and have a really great experience.

Online bingo games etiquette

Young women playing on laptop in her home

If going to a bingo hall isn’t your thing then you can always play this fun game on an online bingo site. Although you are playing online, that doesn’t mean you can just run amok. There is important etiquette to keep in mind when playing online bingo too. These are just some of the things to consider:

  • Respect the host
  • Don’t ask other players for money
  • Don’t type in capitals (this is usually for the host)
  • Don’t make inappropriate usernames
  • Be kind and respectful in the chat
  • Respect other players’ privacy
  •  Complain to the right people if you encounter a problem
  • Welcome new players and socialise with others in the chat

Bingo is a social and highly enjoyable game whether you’re playing online or in a bingo hall and the best online bingo sites and bingo halls are the ones where players respect each other. Sign up with Booty Bingo to enjoy bingo for mobile, desktop, and tablet that lets you play games from wherever you are.