The Biggest Jackpots in Bingo History

Customers play bingo at the 'Bongo's Bingo' event in Glasgow, Scotland on August 16, 2019.

Bingo has been much loved for decades and is known by people and pirates alike to be a fun and social game. Whether you play at your local bingo hall, or at an online bingo site, you’re guaranteed to have a good time! But besides the wonderful social aspect of the game, and how enjoyable it is, bingo is also about winning — and winning big!

While we all play for fun and for the love of the game, there’s always a part of us that wants to hit a full house and claim that big jackpot win. When compared to other online casino games, you might think that a big win in bingo isn’t that big of a deal. But you’d be wrong. There are players that have walked away from bingo games as instant millionaires and if they can do it, then you can too!

Biggest online bingo wins

Young woman sitting outside a cafe wearing a coat, drinking coffee and celebrating online win while looking at laptop

Playing bingo online has become incredibly popular with people of all ages. Whether you play on your laptop or PC, or you have downloaded bingo for mobile, you can rest assured that there are an immense amount of amazing online bingo games for you to explore and enjoy. This also means that there are far more opportunities for you to win big!

Here are some of the players who cashed in their luck at the right place and at the right time, to become some of the biggest bingo winners in the history of the game.

Mandy Bowman

In November 2016, on a small farm in Moray, Scotland, a busy farmer’s wife took a moment to play a few games of online bingo. One very special evening, she had already won £400 and her hot streak wasn’t over yet. Feeling extra lucky, Mandy decided to take on the progressive jackpot, Major Millions. After a few rough games, the 45-year old was down to her last £3 of the prizes she had won so far. 

In a flash of sudden excitement, the game came to life with blinking lights and victory music. Mandy knew she had hit the jackpot and looked up to see that she had just bagged £1.2 million! Though she might have had fantasies of how she would like to spend the money, Mandy, unfortunately, couldn’t jet off on an extravagant holiday or buy herself a new house, but she put her winnings towards upgrading their farm equipment, and she made plans to open an indoor riding school.

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter, a 33-year old housewife from Witney, was growing tired of watching football with her husband one evening and decided to entertain herself with a few fun games of online bingo. She browsed the games on offer for a while until one of the rollover slots caught her attention. Lisa made her £5 bet and did her first spin for the evening. But it was her second spin that changed everything for her.
One by one the reels lined up on Lisa’s screen and she knew immediately that she had won the big one. A staggering £1.3 million jackpot was now Lisa’s to do with as she pleased! She (smartly) invested some of her winnings for the future and took her family on a luxury holiday to celebrate.

John Orchard

Back in December 2012, a 60-year old job centre employee from Lincolnshire, by the name of John Orchard, decided to play some online bingo. With Christmas coming up fast, John would surely have wanted to get a little extra cash with which to spoil his grandchildren. He decided to play a small amount, only 30p wagers, and was hoping that a stroke of luck would make his dreams come true.
After only a few minutes of playing some low wager games, John staggered back from his computer when the sounds and colours of a massive jackpot win appeared on his screen. John Orchard had just won £5.9 million playing online bingo – his wildest dreams had indeed come true! John decided to spoil himself a little with his winnings and traded in his old Renault Clio for a £40, 000 Jaguar XF. He then bought himself a new house and took the whole family to Center Parcs for a well-deserved holiday.

Biggest bingo hall wins

Soraya Lowell and Agnes O'Neill holding the winning National Bingo Game card as they celebrate winning 1.2 million March 2008

The biggest wins in bingo history have come from online bingo sites, but that doesn’t mean that bingo halls haven’t occasionally made millionaires out of their players. Winning a big jackpot in a bingo hall is every bit as thrilling as winning online, and maybe even more so, as you are cheered on by your fellow players as you go up to the stage to collect your prize money.
If you haven’t yet found your stroke of luck at online bingo sites, why not tag along next time your mates go down to the bingo hall? You’ll want to try once you read about how much these lucky bingo hall regulars won.

Christine Bradfield

At the Castle Club in Bargoed, Caerphilly, Christine Bradfield took her seat alongside her sister-in-law to play a game of bingo, as she’d done regularly for over a decade. This night was going to be different though, because Christine’s numbers were coming up fast and her dedication to the game was about to pay off in a big way.
In a moment that left Christine completely overwhelmed with shock, she had landed the big jackpot and was cheered on as she claimed her prize of over £1 million. Her sister-in-law Lorraine said that in the time they had been coming to the Castle Club, the sisters had shared all their winnings, no matter how much they had won. This time would be no different, and Christine happily split her million with her bingo partner.

Soraya Lowell

We have all heard stories of gamblers who have won big, only to turn around and lose it all. It is the classic story of rags to riches and back to rags. A list of big winners wouldn’t be complete without one of these stories, and unfortunately for Soraya Lowell from Lanarkshire, Scotland, hers is the one we are telling today.
What seemed like a perfectly regular evening of bingo for Soraya, and her best friend and neighbour Agnes O’Neill, turned out to be a night that would change everything for them. Like Christine and Lorraine, Soraya and Agnes had agreed to split their winnings each night, no matter how much they had each won. This meant that when Soraya landed the big £1.3 million jackpot, her bingo partner Agnes had equal reason to celebrate Soraya’s luck. This marked the biggest jackpot win in bingo hall history and Soraya was all over the news. If you want to know more about Soraya’s tragic story, you can read it here.

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