The Best Snacks for Game Night

Flatlay of a colourful finger food buffet of cheeses, spreads, fruit and crackers

We don’t know about you, but playing board games on an empty stomach is a big no-no from our point of view. Nothing beats a night in with friends or family that’s enhanced by a little friendly competition, banter, board games and delicious snacks to keep the energy levels up. These snacks also apply if you’re playing games on one of the best bingo sites. Even online, one should never play hungry!

If you’re planning to host a games night at your humble abode, the food you serve to your guests should be at the very top of your agenda. (Well, maybe just below what games you’re going to play.) Snacks can make or break a game night—no one wants to compete with a hangry person!

We’re going to cover exactly what makes the perfect food for a night of games and give you some suggestions on the perfect snacks to make the evening a success.

Game night snack rules

Snacks are an essential aspect of a successful games night. Whether you’re playing bingo games, Monopoly, poker and anything else in between, there are a set of standards when it comes to food that you simply have to get right.

Here are just a couple of aspects to consider when picking your perfect dishes:

  • Can be made in advance: You need to either get food that you can simply pop into a bowl and serve, or that you can make in advance that will still taste great. There’s nothing worse for guests than their host spending the whole evening in the kitchen. It’s equally as annoying for you to miss out on all the fun because you’re trying to throw together a gourmet dinner for people that would rather have your company and something a lot more simple. Try and pick food that you can make earlier on in the day so that you can spend the evening with your guests.
  • No mess: Games of almost all varieties, even online bingo, require the use of your hands. You’re going to be touching the board and cards and pieces, etc. The last thing you want to serve is a burrito dripping in sauce that is going to go all over your guests, their laps, the games and your poor cat that was just trying to watch the action in his aloof manner. Ensure that your snacks can be eaten tidily with just a napkin or a small plate.
  • Easy to eat: As mentioned, you’re probably going to be using at least one hand in any kind of game, so it’s important to serve food that isn’t going to take huge amounts of concentration to eat. You don’t want to serve something that your guests will need a knife and fork for – finger food is ideal. One hand to snack and the other hand to play is what is going to be the most fun and successful.
  • Consider everyone: In this day and age, it’s important to consider all your guests and their dietary needs. Check with each person if they have a specific request, such as vegan or vegetarian food, gluten or dairy-free, or even if they are trying to be a little more health-conscious and would enjoy less carb-heavy snacks. Your guests will be incredibly grateful that you took the time to check on any special requests and it will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Top 5 foods for game night

Keeping all of the above points in mind, here are our favourite foods to serve at game night:

Charcuterie board

Hands getting an olive, with a cured meat charcuterie selection on white table

You’d think a wooden board filled with meat, cheeses, jams and a variety of other goodies probably wouldn’t be the best bet for a game night, but hear us out! These are all delectable treats that can easily be changed up a bit to create the perfect game feast. All you have to do is cut everything on the board into small cubes or manageable pieces just before your guests arrive. Place enough boards around the table so that people don’t have to stretch to get their food, and here’s the most important part: provide toothpicks! Picking up food with toothpicks ensures that there’s no stickiness on fingers and will keep spilling to an absolute minimum. With a charcuterie board you can still have fancy fare in a finger food kind of way.

Samosas and sliders

What is it about mini food items that we love so much? Not sure about you, but we tend to think the smaller they are, the more you can eat without feeling guilty (it’s all in the mind). Samosas and sausage rolls come in much smaller versions than what we’re used to and there’s no need to spend hours making them! Simply grab some premade from the shop and then heat them up in the oven or microwave. Simple, delicious and easy to eat—they tick all the right boxes for great game night snacks. Remember to grab some vegetarian options too.


Jars of flavoured popcorn for game night

Just like a night out at the movies, a game night simply isn’t complete without a bowl or three of popcorn. Buy different varieties of microwave popcorn, so that your guests can choose from sweet and savoury flavours to their tastes. It’s a great way to ensure there are non-messy snacks on the go at all times.

Veggie sticks, nuts and fruit

It’s always a good idea to have some food on the menu that helps you get some of the necessary nutrients for the day. Cut up vegetables into little sticks, or make a variety of options like veggie crisps and fries and serve them with a delicious dip like hummus. Slice up some apples and pears, have a few grapes on the go and your fruit fans will be delighted. Dried fruit and a mix of nuts also make a great healthy addition to this kind of food, while being incredibly easy to eat too.


An assortment of colourful sweets and candy scattered on a table

It would be an absolute travesty to forget about your sweet tooth! There is no limit to the delectable sweet treats that you can offer your guests. Everything from Oreos and wine gums to chewy sweets, brownies, lollipops and muffins, are sure to be a hit with your guests.

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