The Best Board Games to Warm Up Your Winter Holiday

A chessboard on a table in front of a fireplace

Board games are a fun way to bring people together and pass the time, and learn more about each other! Whether you’re into murder mystery, collecting properties, having encounters with aliens or playing good old fashioned bingo, these can be a perfect way to spend a cold winter’s day, or evening, indoors. Read on to find out more! 

Winter is the best time of the year to focus on fun indoor activities, from watching movies to playing games. Watching movies can be a great way to ease boredom, but if you’re looking to connect with your family or housemates, playing board games can be a great way to spend a day or evening, especially if you enjoy playing games like bingo!

So, put the fire on, get cosy with a warm drink and whip out one of these games for a day or night full of fun!

5 of the best board games to play when you’re stuck indoors

Hand throws the dice on background of colourful blurred board games

1. Monopoly

A tried and tested family favourite, Monopoly is a sure way to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone, and can teach you a lot about the people you are playing with! It can take a bit of time to play, so be prepared for an entire evening’s worth of entertainment.

If you’re secretly a property tycoon at heart, this game can bring out your strategic side. There are many different versions of Monopoly to play nowadays too, no matter what you are into. For those who like to play a bit of a quicker game, there is also a card version that doesn’t take quite as long.

2. Cluedo

This well-known detective game has also been around for many years, and we can see why! Who doesn’t get excited at the possibility of being the one to uncover a murder mystery? The fact that it’s set in a sprawling mansion in the countryside with secret passages just adds to its appeal.

Also known as Clue in the States, this game will get you thinking, and will require you to take notes, like a real detective. Just make sure you’ve got your wits about you and can keep track of everything that’s going on in the game! Whether it was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the conservatory, or Miss Scarlett with the revolver in the study, this game will keep everyone entertained, and guessing, right until the very end.

3. Cranium

If you’re a fan of Pictionary, charades, trivia, and Scrabble, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this dynamic board game. Created by people who wanted to make something for everyone, no matter what they are good at, Cranium has something to offer every person around the table.

This is a team game that requires a minimum of four players. Moving around the board, everyone gets a turn, until your team wins by completing tasks in all four categories. If you like to give your brain a workout, this is a must!

4. Cosmic Encounter

If you’ve always been fascinated by aliens, then this one’s for you! If you have some fellow sci-fi fans in the house, including kids, this is a game that will be fun for new and experienced players alike.

The premise of the game is that on each turn, you are teamed up with another player for an “encounter”, where you can use your particular alien’s abilities to fight or negotiate with each other. This seems simple enough, but in the quest to colonise other players’ planets on the board, you can also form alliances with others and use your particular powers to win in any given situation.

5. Bingo

Hands holding up “bingo!” sign against colourful blurred background

Of course, there are always the good old favourites to turn to when you’re stuck indoors, and what better way to keep your mind busy than a game of bingo? If you’re the sort of fan we think you are, why not create your own DIY game and make your own cards, and pretend you’re in a bingo hall?

If you aren’t into DIY, don’t worry, you can always play online bingo games with your housemates, or even online with friends and family! And because you can chat to other players while you’re counting numbers on the screen, this is also a great way to stay entertained and connect with other people.

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