The Best and Worst of Celebrity Bingo Callers

Brian Blessed at St James' charity Christmas concert in London November 2015

Who would be your dream celebrity bingo host? There are some celebrities that would light up a bingo hall with laughter, but there are also some that might want to keep their day jobs. Here’s who we think would be the best and the worst celebrity bingo callers.

The hosts of your dreams

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge during a live broadcast of "TFI Friday" December 2015 in London

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr’s infectious and… unique… laugh is sure to get the audience in the bingo hall in stitches. With his witty repartee and coarse sense of humour, there is no doubt that Jimmy would make a sensational bingo host and have the audience falling out of their lucky chairs. You might want to have someone on stage with him though, just to make sure the numbers add up.

Alan Partridge

Just imagining playing a game of bingo with calls like “Aaaah, legs eleven!” ringing out through the hall, has us in stitches. Make no mistake, Steve Coogan as himself would make a fine enough bingo caller, but if he came as the legend Alan Partridge, you might actually struggle to hear the calls over the roaring laughter.

Brian Blessed

When you want something read right, you give it to Brian Blessed. The only thing bigger than Blessed’s booming voice is his larger-than-life personality. Mix in a few stories from his career on stage and screen, and you’ve got possibly one of the most enthralling and entertaining bingo nights you could ever experience.

Matthew McConaughey

Obviously, it would be amazing to have Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey call your bingo evening, and the best part about it is that he does actually call bingo games! The Austin icon and his family hosted a virtual bingo night for the residents at the Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living centre, after they made a post on social media inviting him to host it for them. So, if you just ask him nicely, maybe McConaughey will call a game for you, or even join you and your mates for some online bingo games.

The hosts of your nightmares

Gordon Ramsay attends the official launch party of Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay in Grosvenor Square September 2019

Gordon Ramsay

Thank goodness there aren’t numbers that rhyme with lamb sauce. Bingo is about light-hearted fun and bringing people together, but if you had Gordon Ramsay calling your game, you had better check your card twice before going up, because you might get shouted off stage if you call a false bingo. We think that Gordon would do better with hosting on online bingo sites, where he can take his frustration out away from the players.


It is hard to know where to begin with Jedward – the silliness and dancing and joking around are all mostly harmless at first — but after a while you might be wishing that instead of a singalong game of bingo, you had just stayed home and played some online bingo instead. While we are all for playing bingo for a laugh and some fun, dabbing can also be serious business, so too much hijinks might eventually wear you out.

Chris Kamara

Despite the fact that Kamara would be hilariously entertaining to have as a bingo host (for a while anyway), there is always the chance that he gets a little… distracted. If you have ever had to ask your bingo host to repeat a call, you would know that slowing down the game can be annoying for some of the other players. So, when Kamara starts replying with his classic “I don’t know, Jeff!”, the game might start to stagnate a bit.

Our dream host

Stephen Fry arrives at Westminster Abbey September 2018

Stephen Fry

Most people will agree with us when we say that any opportunity to have Stephen Fry on stage in front of us is one we would gladly take, and a game of bingo would obviously be the ideal situation. The chance to listen and laugh along as Fry lets loose his knowledge between every call, likely detailing the origins of a few of the classics, just sounds too good to be true.

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