The 4 Best Party Games to Play on Your Smartphone

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Interested in playing party games like online bingo with your friends but only have a smartphone? No need to worry, there’s a wide range of amazing party games available for smartphones, so you can get in on the fun. Here is a list of our top 4.

1 – Among Us

You may have heard about the incredibly popular party game Among Us, which is being played online by many popular video game streamers. Even US Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played the game in early October 2020. Her Twitch stream of the game was watched by approximately 439,000 people at the time!

In Among Us, you are one of four to 10 players aboard a spaceship. As a Crewmate, you are required to complete tasks on the spaceship — but there’s a catch. While most of the players are Crewmates, a certain number of players are Imposters who are out to kill the other players. Crewmates cannot identify Imposters by sight alone and must watch the behaviour of other players in order to figure out who is who.

When players think they know who the imposters are they can call a meeting using an in-game button, or when a dead player is discovered. Players then communicate to figure out who the imposter is and vote whether or not to eject them from the ship in the cold darkness of space. If the Crewmates fail to identify the Imposters and any number of them survive, the Imposters win. Crewmates win by voting out the Imposters, completing all the tasks, or if all Imposters leave the game.

This game is available on all smartphone platforms, as well as PC.

2 – The Jackbox Party Pack

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From the developers of the hit trivia game, You Don’t Know Jack, comes a series of party games that are likely to keep players entertained for hours. There are seven different Jackbox Party Packs, each with different games or updates to popular favourites. Here are some of the most popular games that you can find in each of the Party Packs:

  • Drawful – In this minigame, players are given random (and sometimes weird) prompts that they must draw on their mobile phones. The other players must then try to guess what the original phrase was, and the other players vote on their responses.
  • Fibbage – In order to win this game, players gain points by tricking other players into voting on whether their “facts” are true or false. Players aren’t required to come up with the entire fact, but must instead complete incomplete statements that every player is shown.
  • Quiplash – Similar, but slightly different from Fibbage is Quiplash. In this game, the goal is to make the other players laugh. Players are given a prompt which they complete. Each player’s answer is submitted anonymously and the other players must vote. The funniest player gets points for their answer, with the winner being the player with the most points at the end of the game.
  • Trivia Murder Party – Like your trivia games with a spooky Halloween twist? Then this party game is for you. In Trivia Murder Party, you are trapped in a haunted house with a spooky voice who challenges you and your friends to a number of games. In order to escape the house, you must answer correctly, but there’s a catch: only one player can leave the house alive.
  • You Don’t Know Jack – Unlike Trivia Murder Party, You Don’t Know Jack is a tongue in cheek trivia game, that delivers a classic, humorous trivia show experience. Players must answer a variety of questions from different categories, and score points for doing so. Players outside of the US may not know certain answers though, as this game does seem mainly designed to appeal to American audiences.

The Jackbox Party Pack games are available on multiple platforms for you to enjoy.

3 – Evil Apples: You Against Humanity

This game is not for the faint of heart! It’s pretty much a mobile clone of the classic card game Cards Against Humanity, but credit to the developers, they do acknowledge that their smartphone party game is heavily inspired by the original card game.

Much like Cards Against Humanity, players draw a certain number of cards, each with different phrases on them. Players must use their cards to complete a statement on-screen. Once you have completed the statement, the judge for the round decides which player has the best response. The first player to win seven rounds wins the game!

While some of the answers people put together can be quite tame, this game can get quite filthy, so it’s definitely not for those that are easily offended.

Evil Apples is available on both Android and iOS.

4 – Online bingo

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Just like its offline counterpart, one of the best party games you can enjoy on your smartphone is, you guessed it, online bingo! The overall goal of the online version of this game is the same as always: complete rows or other winning patterns by marking off squares of matching numbers on a (digital) card when they are called out or displayed by the game host. Complete a row or winning pattern and you’re the winner!

Playing bingo for mobile allows you to quickly and easily set up a game with all of your friends. As long as you all have a stable internet connection, you simply need to log on to your favourite online bingo platform, create an account, and join a game. Depending on your preference, there are different types of bingo games for you to enjoy, including 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. You can play for free, or wager real money to stand a chance at taking home a prize.

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