Slots and Bingo? Slingo and All Its Types

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Are you an avid bingo fan who also loves playing slots? Are you looking for the best of both of these worlds? Well, would you believe it if we said you could combine these two classic games into one game that is even more fun than both? Believe it, because it exists, and it’s called Slingo! That’s right, slots and bingo have merged to give players a unique gaming experience. Let’s get into what Slingo can offer players!

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a fun and forward-thinking game that combines two of the world’s most popular casino games — slots and bingo. The game combines a bingo card with spinning slots reels that reveal the numbers you need to mark off your card. Think of it this way — the slots reel is essentially the bingo cage and caller all in one!

How it all started

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Slingo actually dates all the way back to 1994. Sal Falciglia, a semi-retired businessman and high roller from New Jersey who loved both bingo and slots, toyed with the idea of combining his two passions. One morning at 2 AM the idea struck, and he ran to his office to pen out the creation. He then had a 5-reel vintage machine delivered to his house the very next day. Sal designed the first Slingo prototype in his basement, and after countless attempts, Slingo was finally ready to take up its place in casino history.

How to play Slingo

Slingo is really easy to play and if you’re well-versed in playing either bingo games or slots, you’re well on your way to making the most of this hybrid casino game.

To start playing, you’ll get a pre-set number of spins on the reels (between 10 and 20). Then, just spin the slot reel, which can often be found at the bottom of the screen. Basically, you’re spinning the reel trying to match the numbers on the reel with the numbers you need to check off on your bingo card. Something that has always drawn players to Slingo is that you get to play with different variations of numbers, which also lets you feel a little more in control of the game.

Winning formula for Slingo

Even though Slingo is made up of two different sets of game rules, the aim of the game is straightforward. You’re basically playing to get as many points as possible and trying to gather them as quickly as possible. You can do this in various ways, however, it will also be based on the dynamic between the slots reel and bingo card. Throughout all the Slingo variations available, the same principle applies: find the point where your stake is still affordable enough to keep on spinning to achieve a Full House. Before you start playing, take the time to understand the different ways in which you are able to win. There are often many Slingo variations available at online bingo sites, so you’ll need to look into the different ways to win that come with each variation of the game.

The different Slingo variants

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It makes sense that a game that combines bingo and slots would be so popular. In fact, Slingo’s popularity has made way for a wide variety of intriguing variations of the game. The best bingo sites will have a huge variety of Slingo games with eye-catching graphics, great rewards, in-depth storylines, and exciting themes. Thanks to the game’s roots in a solid foundation of bingo, these different Slingo games are easy to grasp. Players can expect to see gold coins, jokers, free spins, and so much more on their bingo card during their Slingo gameplay.

As the game continues to grow in popularity, new variants of the game keep popping up, including some Slingo games with extra features, bonus rounds, big prizes and other exciting additions. Slingo variants include Slingo Adventure, Slingo Extreme, Crossword Cash Slingo, and Slingo Millionaire. There is also a wide range of themed Slingo games such as those based on popular TV and game shows like The X Factor, Love Island, and Deal or No Deal. It all depends on the bingo site that you’re playing at!

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