Online Bingo Slang Phrases Explained

The world of online bingo has been going from strength to strength over the past ten years, and with that has come a growing number of terms that players need to be aware of. Some of them are very straightforward and can be understood without much thought, while others may need extra working out.

However, if you’re looking for the answers to all your bingo slang questions, then we have saved you all the effort. Throughout this article, you will learn all about the common, and some not so common terms that have been used in online bingo, and what the bingo slang means.

Essential Bingo Slang

There is some bingo slang that is essential for all players to know. This bingo slang is used throughout the world during the group chat to let players know what is happening in the game.


  • These three pieces of bingo slang are important for all players, as it is important to the game.
  • The ‘TG’ in all words means ‘To Go’, while the number is telling the player how many balls are left to draw.
  • The number could mean that a player may have an increased chance of winning if they only have the one ball remaining with 2TG.
  • Anyone that wants to play online bingo needs to be aware of these terms before getting involved.


When it comes to bingo slang, this is the one that you want to be using, as it will mean that you’re a winner. ‘FH’ stands for ‘Full House’. If you are using this because you have it, then you will be celebrating a triumph in one of the popular online bingo games that are available online.


Many of the leading online bingo websites incorporate a loyalty scheme on their website, and this bingo slang term revolves around that. The term basically means ‘Loyalty Points’. These points can be awarded to players for purchasing cards or taking part in the enjoyable games that take place in the chat. These points can then be transferred into funds, which makes it an important piece of bingo slang to understand.


Everybody wants to win more money when they are playing online bingo, and this bingo slang is imperative for anybody who is eyeing that bigger winner. The term stands for Progressive Jackpots, which is something all the leading bingo sites now offer. It means that more money can be won on these games compared to the others that are on the website. It is the place to earn a considerably higher amount.


It simply means that another player is wishing you good luck. There will be typically one player that drops this message into the chat room before the start of a game as a common courtesy. The chat rooms are a safe place, and it’s always better to be friendly to the players that you are coming up against. It also isn’t uncommon for this term to be used in the chat room as the game develops, and is typically timed with around one or two balls to go.


Like we mentioned previously, the bingo slang is to be respectful to the other players, and this is another example of fair play. The term stands for ‘Way To Go’. It is typically congratulating somebody on their winning game and to acknowledge their success. Some chat rooms may feel it will be weird if a player wins and then leaves the chat room straight away without acknowledging. If somebody posts this after you win, then you can reply ‘TYVM’ which means ‘Thank You Very Much’.


If ou have grown up throughout the bingo slang era and are used to using abbreviated words, then this will not be a hard one to understand. It means ‘Be Right Back’. It is used when somebody is briefly leaving a chat room but intends to return. Somebody may post this if they are just going to make a drink.

After you have learned all of these bingo slang terms, then you will be able to confidently go into a chat room and try your hand at the bingo slang and win playing online bingo.