Growing Statistics Today Online Bingo Numbers

If you didn’t know already, online bingo is one industry that is growing faster than anyone expected year-on-year and it’s fastly becoming the most popular medium through which to enjoy a game of online bingo with friends or even with strangers.

For some players, online bingo is a social haven where they can interact with people of shared interests while listening out for the bingo numbers, and this can sometimes be the only social interaction that they’ll have.

When smartphones arrived that’s when we have seen a huge growth in the online bingo industry. As opposed to beforehand when they had to be at a computer to play online bingo, now players could play whilst they’re on the move or even if they’re outside the house. And despite the increased convenience offered to these players, there was no compromise when it came to the experience of playing bingo online.

Demographic of Bingo Players

Online gambling has been an area most used by men. However, it is believed that 75%-80% of bingo players are female, the rest being male. That means more women are looking to see their bingo numbers come up more so than men. Of these players, most punters wait to see the winning bingo numbers on their handheld devices. That makes up around 35% of the industry.

Bingo was typically an older persons game, but that has changed over the growth in online gambling. Nowadays, it isn’t just old women waiting to hear the winning bingo numbers. 25% of bingo players in this era are aged between 18 and 34-years-old.

These players are also more likely to be members of more than one site, with 62% of players stating that they have between one and five accounts. Meanwhile, 16% of players have accounts with between six and ten sites. Further evidence that the game is no longer targeted by purely the older generation is that only 28% of the players are aged between 45 and 54.

Extensive History

The history of online bingo first gained momentum in 2004, as many players flocked online to get their piece of the action and to feel the excitement when the bingo numbers were called. This growth in the online world has stemmed to 36% of players stating that they now play online bingo on a daily basis. The excitement of the bingo numbers being drawn is enjoyed by most players for up to two hours.

It isn’t just the time that players spend watching the bingo numbers being drawn either, with 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom playing online bingo on a daily basis. That has also seen a 22% rise in the players on mobile devices seeing the winning bingo number being drawn hoping that it was theirs. The amount of money that is spent on online bingo is staggering with £6.8 billion spent.

The Future of Online Bingo

The most popular type of online bingo game for players to see the winning bingo numbers drawn is 75-ball. However, the growth of the online sector has led to more original bingo halls being closed down, as players would rather see the bingo numbers pulled out in the comfort of their own home. Over 1000 bingo halls have been closed down since 2005 in the UK and Ireland.

The reason for the popularity in online bingo is said to be because of the welcome offers and loyalty bonuses available, with 43% of players declaring that this is why they prefer to see the bingo numbers drawn online. The future is certainly based online with 70% of players stating that they play while they are at home, while a quarter of the younger generation also admitted to playing while they were at work.

What persuades a Player to Join a Bingo Site?

Apart from the biggest incentives that come with playing online bingo, there is also the growing important of ensuring your personal information is safe while you watch the winning bingo numbers being draws.

  • The biggest factor that ensures a customer to sign up is the reviews that they see online.
  • With over 350 online bingo sites promising unique bingo numbers around the UK, it isn’t a shock to learn that this is a huge progression for the 20 online sites that were in operation back in 2004.
  • The growth of the sector is only expected to expand, with more players coming online to get their fix of bingo numbers.
  • The number of players seeing the winning bingo numbers online is expected to grow to £72 billions worth over the next four years.
  • Online bingo actually more revenue than football in the UK, which is a staggering fact.
  • With more than 1.4 million different types of bingo cards out there, the need for bingo numbers online doesn’t look to decrease at any point over the next couple of years.

These are just some of the bingo numbers that represent where the online bingo industry is at the moment and where we can expect to see it going in the future. Some of these bingo numbers may have surprised you and some you may have expected to see. But hopefully they give you a bit more of a clearer overview of where the online bingo industry is at the moment.

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