Improve Your Memory and Cognitive Skills with Bingo!

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Thanks to several games and a variety of apps, it’s now easier than ever to improve your memory and sharpen your thinking skills, which can be very helpful when it comes to playing bingo! We’ll explore some of the ways you can get your brain ready to play bingo, and help boost your mental fitness.

As a fan of online bingo games, there are sure to have been loads of times when you wish you could have been able to think faster. While playing alone is a great way to improve concentration, there are many other ways to train your brain and improve your memory.

There have been many studies of the way we actually think over the last 100 years, including one in 1936 called the Lothian Birth Cohort. Through this kind of research, it has been shown that playing games like bingo and chess are beneficial for the brain, especially as you get older.

Other researchers have shown that both real-life and online games can be beneficial, which is good news for all you online bingo fans!

To help you get your brain ready to play bingo, we’ll explore some of the online and offline games that you can play.

5 games to train your brain for bingo

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1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a popular puzzle with a Japanese name, but it actually originates from Switzerland, and is a combination of a few ancient number games.

The aim of the game is to fill up squares with numbers, by recognising patterns in the grid. There are different levels of difficulty, so Sudoku can help to improve short-term memory and concentration (which is helpful when playing bingo games).

Sudoku is very accessible and you can play it on paper, in newspapers or magazines, or online. Since this game can improve memory, it may help you to think faster and respond quicker to those number calls!

2. Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles can be very tricky to complete, as they use cryptic clues that force you to think! This means that they can be a great way to expand your vocabulary, and make your mind sharper.

You can also find crosswords for free online and in newspapers and magazines – just like Sudoku – as well as compendiums which give you loads of different options to try! Doing the puzzle in a weekly newspaper can also help you to learn, as you get to know the style of the person designing them.

3. Memory games

One of the most simple ways to improve your mental dexterity is to play memory games. Why not shuffle matching sets of cards and then arrange them face down in a grid. Then take turns, alone or with someone else, to flip two cards at a time, trying to find all of the matching pairs. The aim of the game is to win in as few turnovers as possible.

This can be a really fun game, especially if the cards have fun and exciting images on them!

By doing this, you slowly start to train your brain to recognise patterns which could be helpful when playing games like 75-ball – or “Pattern” – Bingo (see below).

4. Online brain training games

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There are many different online apps that focus on training your brain. Some of the more popular ones are Lumosity and Elevate, as well as many others. These offer various games that focus on different skills, such as memory, concentration and other thinking tasks.

What’s useful about these applications is that you can track your development to see how your skills improve. If you’re a bit competitive, some platforms allow you to compare your rankings to other users too. If you’re a fan of mobile bingo, you can also switch between playing brain training games and dabbing/daubing numbers on your phone!

5. Pattern bingo

75-ball bingo is also known as Pattern Bingo. This is because the game involves covering numbers in certain patterns on the ticket, which is a 5×5 grid. This means that boosting your ability to think quickly and recognise patterns might be helpful here!

Other variations, like 90-ball, will also test your thinking skills, as you need to keep track of numbers quickly. This might be a different kind of challenge, but one that will stretch your brain, and help keep it active and stimulated.

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