How to Play Conference Call Bingo

View over a woman's shoulder of a laptop screen showing ongoing business conference call

Conference calls. Love them or hate them, more people than ever are working from home — which means there are a lot more people sitting in remote meetings with colleagues and clients from around the world. While we’d rather be playing online bingo, thankfully we have a fun game for calls that doesn’t require your full attention: conference call bingo!

What is conference call bingo? And how do you play it?

Conference call bingo plays out much like regular bingo. Where it differs from the regular game is that you have a card with different phrases on it, which you mark off whenever someone says them or you notice them happening during the conference call. You can make these cards yourself using phrases you commonly hear, download conference call bingo cards, or generate them online.

Here’s a list of phrases you might find on the cards, or that you can use to make your own cards:

  • Hello?
  • Hello, can you hear me?
  • Can everyone see/hear me?
  • (Name), are you there?
  • Sorry I’m late.
  • I was muted.
  • The delay is quite bad.
  • Sorry, can you repeat that?
  • Can you please turn your webcam on?
  • Can you please turn your webcam off?
  • Your connection is quite bad. Can you try logging on again?
  • Sorry everyone. I have another call/meeting I have to attend.
  • (Name), we can still see/hear you.
  • You can hear someone typing loudly.
  • A cat appears on screen.
  • A child appears on screen.
  • A pet can be heard in the background.
  • A child can be heard in the background.
  • Can everyone see my screen?

As you hear these phrases during your call, you can mark them off on your card. If you complete a row, you win! If you’re playing by yourself during a call, this may not be the best time to shout bingo, but you can quietly celebrate inside.

Get your coworkers involved

Businesswoman laughing during a video call with coworkers

If your work environment allows for it, why not get your coworkers involved and use it as a team-building exercise? You can create some cards and email them to your colleagues, which they can print out so everyone can join in the fun. Whether or not you decide to reward people with prizes or allow them to have bragging rights is up to you.

Other fun and exciting team building games you can play on a conference call

If you’ve tried conference call bingo and are looking to add more variety to your conference call games, either alone or as team building activities, here are some other games you can try out:

  • Solitaire – If only Microsoft knew how many hours of productivity would be lost when they first introduced this and other simple games like Minesweeper to Windows. While Solitaire may have since been replaced by mobile games like Candy Crush, it’s still a fun game to play to pass the time. The objective of Solitaire is to arrange the cards into four stacks, in ascending order.
  • Pictionary – Another classic board game that’s easy to play via conference call — while you won’t be able to play this on the sly, it’s undoubtedly a great game to play with your coworkers as a bonding activity. If you haven’t played the game before, players are divided into teams and must guess what their team members are drawing within a certain time limit. In the classic board game, players move towards the finish line when they get an answer right, but you can also decide who wins using points.
  • Bingo – If you’re organising a team-building game over a conference call, why not go for the classic traditional bingo? You can easily find or generate your own cards online, email them to your colleagues, and host a game for everyone to enjoy. If you’ve never played regular bingo, you need to mark off matching numbers. As with conference call bingo, if you complete a row, you are the winner! Here are some themes you can use for games that you host.

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