How to Keep Your Mind in Great Shape for Bingo

An illustrative rendering of a brain sparking with electricity

Whether you enjoy online bingo or playing at a club, a sharp mind is vital for making sure you don’t miss any numbers that get called. But if you feel your thinking is sometimes not quite as sharp as it used to be, don’t worry: you can use these techniques to help improve your brain’s performance.

Don’t stop learning

We all know that learning is important for developing the mind. A recent article from US magazine Psychology Today highlights what happens when you stop exercising your mind:

“The learning effect is manifest in the growth of existing synapses and the formation of new synapses. In the absence of mental stimulation, the spines degenerate. Indeed, a typical effect of ageing is that the brain actually shrinks as a consequence of the cumulative shrinkage of spines. Many neurological diseases – schizophrenia, autism, and dementia – are characterized by reduced synaptic density.”

While many of us know learning helps a young mind develop, it turns out that the same thing applies to older minds as well. Later in the same article, the author highlights that an older brain is actually very similar to the younger brain in some ways when it comes to learning, and that it can grow task-specific synapses that can then be used by the brain for other things – like playing bingo.

This finding was supported by another article, which referenced a study where people who learnt an instrument were found to have a larger volume of grey matter in specific parts of their brain, and that the long-range connections between different regions were stronger. The article also revealed learning music can help improve your memory and reading skills, that music increases blood flow to the brain, and that it can help improve the recovery of the brain in some cases of localized trauma such as stroke.

Practise meditation

A woman sits with her hands and legs crossed while she meditates.

While many Eastern cultures have long practised meditation, as a way to improve their mental health, it turns out that it also has numerous benefits when it comes to mental performance and acuity. Forbes looks at these benefits in more detail, but here are the key findings that link meditation to mental performance:

  • It helps preserve your brain as you age – A study from the University of California, Los Angeles found that people who meditated for at least 20 years had more grey matter in their brains than those who did not. While the amount of grey matter had still reduced over that time owing to the natural ageing process, the amount lost was far less than in the brains of people who didn’t regularly practise meditation.
  • Meditation might improve functionality in specific areas of the brain – A 2011 Harvard study found that it affected the structure of the brain, including areas associated with learning and memory, as well as stress and anxiety. Important to know if you are someone who gets a bit stressed out during a competitive game!
  • Short-term meditation can improve your attention span – A study published in SAGE Journals showed that even just a couple of weeks of meditation can help people improve their focus and concentration. This was tested by asking people to practise meditation, and then complete the “verbal reason” section of the Graduate Record Examinations (a standardised test used by many graduate schools in North America). Those who meditated upped their scores by 16%!

Have fun chats with your friends and family

Having a good time with friends and family isn’t just fun, it offers the people involved a mental boost as well. A study from the University of Michigan highlights that friendly conversations can help you solve problems better. Science Daily reports on how the researchers went about making this discovery:

For the study, the researchers examined the impact of brief episodes of social contact on one key component of mental activity — executive function. This type of cognitive function includes working memory, self-monitoring, and the ability to suppress external and internal distractions — all of which are essential in solving common life problems.

It’s important to note that these conversations had to be positive in nature. If negative, they were found to offer no benefits. It added:

“They found that engaging in brief (10-minute) conversations in which participants were simply instructed to get to know another person resulted in boosts to their subsequent performance on an array of common cognitive tasks. But when participants engaged in conversations that had a competitive edge, their performance on cognitive tasks showed no improvement.”

So not only does bingo provide you with the opportunity to be social, that social interaction can offer positive mental benefits as well – double bonus!


An elderly African Couple go for a jog.

Sitting around on your bottom all day isn’t only bad for your body, it turns out that it’s bad for your brain too! In the article, How Exercise Affects Your Brain, a writer for Scientific American quickly covers why it is beneficial:

“Exercise affects the brain in many ways. It increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. It aids the release of hormones which provide an excellent environment for the growth of brain cells. Exercise also promotes brain plasticity by stimulating growth of new connections between cells in many important cortical areas of the brain.”

An article from the Cleveland Clinic, a medical center in Ohio, similarly looks at how exercise may improve brain health by promoting cardiovascular health, improving blood flow to the brain, reducing inflammation, and lowering stress hormones.

Don’t just sit around all day. Find an exercise that you really enjoy. It might just help you stay sharp and help you win a couple of bingo games.

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