Fancy a Career as a Bingo Caller? Here’s How To Start

The bingo caller on stage at Bryant Park Bingo in New York June 2014.

Bingo fans around the world may not only enjoy bingo, but be thinking about how they can pursue a career in this fantastic game. One way you can start a career in bingo is by becoming a professional bingo caller. Here’s how you can do it.

Qualifications to become a bingo caller

The good news for the aspiring bingo callers out there is that you don’t need to get a degree or study to become a pro. However, there are still some skills you need to develop in order to be good at the job.

Primarily, like any entertainer, you’ll need to be able to connect with your audience. This requires you to develop public speaking skills. Depending on the type of persona you want to project, you may even want to consider practising some stand-up comedy.

If you plan to also host live games online, you’ll need to be computer literate and understand how gaming apps work on your mobile phone. This is because you’ll need to engage with the players quickly, and you’ll need to ensure technical issues don’t get in the way of you doing so.

Once you have the confidence to stand on stage, you’ll need to obviously know the calls (or develop your own) to keep players engaged. You can memorize these if you’re confident that you won’t forget them, or even make notes to remind you of your witty calls if you’re still learning the ropes.

Of course, before you do any of this you’ll also need to know how the game works. But if you want to become a bingo caller, it’s safe to assume you know that already. However, something you may need to learn, even if you know the rules of the game, is how the equipment used during the game works. Some venues may still use classic rolling cages, while others may use devices such as electric ball shakers, or even completely digital number generators.

Qualities of a professional bingo caller

View over the shoulder of a bingo caller of a bingo board and balls

There are a number of qualities that will be highly useful for professional bingo callers, some of which we briefly touched on above. These include:

  • Confidence – As a caller and host, you’ll need to be confident enough to engage with a large number of people. Whether you’re in front of dozens of people in a live game, or hundreds in an online game, you’ll need to be able to avoid getting nervous when communicating with the players.
  • Good energy and charisma – If you’re someone who’s low energy, shy, and unable to talk to people, you’ll need to work hard on developing an attitude that gets people excited, and a personality that draws people to you. Like actors, comedians, and other great public speakers, being liked and having good charisma can go a long way to helping you connect with an audience.
  • Quick thinking – As a caller, you’ll need to be entertaining, handle queries, and manage your other responsibilities. This is why it’s vitally important to be able to think quickly, even if you’re dealing with multiple things at once.
  • Emotional intelligence – While the caller may be able to set the pace and energy of a game, there are times when the mood of a game may be set by your audience. Sometimes you may have to take cues from your audience and adjust your energy to match theirs.

If you’re curious to know which celebrities have the right stuff, and which have done the best and worst job when it comes to hosting a bingo game, be sure to take a look at our blog here.

Things to know about being a professional bingo caller

While this interview was done in 2011, the key points are still relevant:

  • Some venues stick to numbers and have done away with calls entirely.
  • Shifts can be up to twelve hours long.
  • It’s great if you like performing in front of an audience, but it can be tiring.
  • You may not need any qualifications, but you need to be smart, funny and dress well.
  • Your personality counts for a lot.
  • You can work your way up as a caller for larger games, help training new staff, or even start your own club.

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