Can Online Bingo be as good as Real-Life Bingo?

Group of friends holding laptop and mobile phones standing isolated over grey wall background chatting
The internet has become so much more than just a place to find information and has transformed the way that we go about our day-to-day lives. There are now many ways that people can socialise and have fun together online, and the world around us — and online bingo — is adapting to keep up with the developments in technology.

Bingo brings people together

Group of young friends laughing eating pizza and drinking coffee around a table
Bingo has always had a focus on the social aspect of the game, whether you play with your friends at home or go down to your local bingo hall, the interaction with other players forms the foundation of the fun of bingo. Bingo can be fun on its own of course, but if there weren’t other players, you’d just be sitting alone in a long hall while the caller yells random numbers at you – which might get a bit boring after a while. And at Booty Bingo we don’t do boring!
What bingo needs to be truly fun is banter, conversation, the odd false bingo call, and the laughter that comes after it and rings out through the night. The question that then needs answering is: Are online bingo sites and games as social as bingo halls? Let’s find out.

Bingo bridges the distance

Despite the current popularity of online bingo games, it took most of the bingo crowd a while to fully embrace online bingo. This is likely because the thought of playing bingo without their friends around the table with them might have sounded a bit odd. However, since the addition of a live chat feature to online bingo games, fans have been flocking to it.
You can enter a live bingo chat room before, during, and after your games, so there are no boundaries or limits preventing anyone from participating in the conversation. The simplicity of the game, as well as special online features, allows players more time to spend in the chat where they can meet new people and join in the banter.
Bingo has always been about bringing people together, so if you have friends or family that live abroad, and you can’t easily meet them for a fun game of bingo, then take the fun online and play together as if there was no distance between you at all.

Online features make bingo even more fun

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In a classic bingo hall players would have to balance their chatting and laughing with paying enough attention to the calls. If you missed a number that was called, you’d have to catch it up by asking someone else, who may already be concentrating on the next call. Online bingo sites have implemented a special feature that allows the game to automatically fill in your card for you. This means that you have more time to focus on chatting, and you also won’t miss any of your calls.
As well as marking off your numbers automatically, some online bingo sites allow you to play multiple games of bingo at the same time, without being overwhelmed. This means you can buy as many tickets as you want, and play as many games as you want, and still have all the time in the world to chat and laugh with your bingo buddies.

Don’t be shy!

If you are new to online bingo and are a bit shy to get involved in the chat when you start playing, don’t panic. The first time you went to a bingo hall was probably the same – you didn’t know anybody, and it might have taken a while before you made your first real bingo friend. The best thing to keep in mind is that you and everybody else playing have at least one thing in common — a love for the brilliant game of bingo.
When you first enter live bingo chat, why not let the regulars at the online bingo site get the conversation going, and chime in when you’re feeling more comfortable? Bingo is meant to be a relaxing and super fun way to play and engage with others. The key is to take your time and eventually you’ll get to know a few people and, hopefully, you’ll be making some great bingo friends in no time.

Get chatting with Booty Bingo

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