A Guide To Various Slots Themes


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Slots have traditionally been populated with images of fruit like cherries, as well as your typical lucky number seven. However, the rise of online gaming means that the sky is the limit when it comes to the different kinds of themes you can explore, thanks to advances in virtual gaming development.

8 online slot themes to suit any preference

1. Fantasy

Fantasy is a very popular theme in the world of gaming in general, with games like Final Fantasy, Warhammer and The Elder Scrolls being some of the top names at the moment.

This is no different when it comes to online slots. Whether it involves dragons and medieval lands in Dragon Kingdom or fabled swords in Legendary Excalibur, there is no shortage of fantasy-themed online slot games available. These slots will appeal to anyone who is a fan of epic quests, other realms, mythic creatures, and of course slots.

2. Ancient World

Kronos Unleashed online slot casino game

Seeking treasure in ancient tombs, or discovering the meaning of handcrafted hieroglyphics might be more appealing to those with a historical bent. This applies especially to those interested in ancient stone pyramids and the treasures hidden inside of them.

In particular, games like Cleopatra, Rise of Maya, Temple of Iris and Montezuma all play on the theme of the ancient world, and can take you from the sand-swept temples of Egypt to the lush jungles of Central America – the rumoured home of El Dorado.

3. Movies and TV Shows

Movies and television shows are a very popular choice for online slots because they take you right into the action, and are inherently focused on winning!

For those who are fans of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and The Price is Right, online slots with these themes bring the game to life online, with the same look, feel, and excitement that came with watching the film or show for the first time.

Series fans will also be pleased to know that binge-worthy favourites like Narcos are also available, just in case one didn’t get enough of all that Colombian cartel intrigue.

For those who like to combine the best of online bingo and slots, there are also a number of television-themed Slingo games to play, such as Deal or No Deal.

4. Animals

An adventure out in the savannah could appeal to those with an intrepid spirit, but be sure to watch out for herds of stampeding wildlife! With games like Stampede, Raging Rhino, Gorilla Kingdom and Panther’s Reign, players are sure to get front row seats on the game vehicle on their very own safari.

If we take a step back in time, games like Dawn of the Dinosaurs offer a prehistoric animal edge, for those looking for something similar to Jurassic Park. In fact, there is no shortage of animal-themed games for those who are fans of watching slots spin alongside the natural world.

5. Cultural

Jin Ji Bao Xi online slot casino game

In the multicultural world that we live in today, there is an abundance of international traditions to explore, from Native American spiritualism in Shaman’s Dream and Shaman’s Spirit, to leprechauns and the undeniable luck of the Irish in Lucky Clover.

For those whose tastes tend more towards deserts and Tex Mex, there are games like Las Cucas Locas, Gringos Dineros, and Wild Saloon. There might not be any whistling music or showdowns, but these themes will take you right into the thick of the Sonoran Desert and the famed Wild West.

6. Music

The power of music is undeniable, and being able to listen to your favourite bands play while spinning slots is surely a bonus all on its own!

Whether you prefer Guns ‘n Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine” or “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, you can get front row seats to your favourite artist. For those who grew up trying to perfect the moonwalk, try the Michael Jackson, King of Pop online slot.

7. Adventure

The thrill of adventure might appeal to many players, from charting unknown courses on warships with Voyage of the Vikings to getting your hands on some coveted loot in Bounty Raid.

No matter which treasure map a player chooses to follow, there are many different quest-themed online slots to choose from, which all centre around finding the booty. For the more adventurous Slingo fans, there are also options like Slingo Wild Adventure.

8. Horror

Ghostbusters online slot casino game

Halloween might only come once a year, but horror fans will find more than their fair share of ghoulish games to play throughout the year.

These include games like Halloween Jack and Haunted Hallows, where players can get lost in haunted houses, waiting for someone to shout, “boo!”, or should we say, “boo-ty!”

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