A Guide to the Different Patterns in Bingo Games

Red wooden bingo barrels lined up in diagonal rows

Finding patterns is what bingo is all about. More popular variations of the game, like 90-ball, focus on certain patterns, but with 75-ball (also known as pattern bingo), you can get all kinds of shapes in your 5×5 grid! In this post, we’ll tell you all about the different kinds of patterns you can find, from numbers and letters to aeroplanes and turtles.

If you’re a bingo lover, you’ve probably already played games like 90-ball, where the aim is to cover as many numbers as possible across a 3×9 grid.

Popular variations like 75-ball — which feature a 5×5 grid — allow for almost countless variations, from the every day to the unexpected, which just adds to the fun and gives you more ways to win.

Here are just eight of the most popular patterns in today’s bingo games — online or off.

8 of the most popular bingo patterns

Various bingo patterns on cards lined up

1. Four Corners

Probably the simplest of all combinations, its name is fairly self-explanatory but it applies to most other types of bingo too, including 95-ball. Its closest cousin is perhaps the “Windmill” pattern (see below). Of course, waiting for four numbers may seem simple, but sometimes they just never seem to come up.

2. The Clock

Now this can is a little bit tricky, as the “hand” of the clock can be in various positions, depending on the stated “time”. It involves covering numbers in an almost circular pattern on a 5×5 ticket, as well as the centre square and one square within the inner ring — the “hour hand” — to show the “time”.

3. The Wine Glass

Most of us associate bingo with a good night out – even when playing the best online bingo games – so it’s not surprising to find a glass of our favourite tipple on the list. To get this pattern, you need  11 numbers. First, cover the entire bottom row of squares for the base, with three squares coming out from the middle square in a vertical line, and two branching out diagonally from the top.

4. The Windmill

They may not be such a common sight in the British countryside these days, but we all know what they look like. Even so, the windmill pattern is much simpler than you might think. Simply cover the centre square and the four in each corner. This sort of represents the windmill shape. X marks the spot!

Woman lays a counter on a bingo card to cover a number that’s just been called

5. The Arrow

For any of you still learning how to play bingo, the arrow can be quite an exciting pattern to make. You need to cover nine of the squares in the 5×5 grid starting with a diagonal line  from one corner to another. To create the “head” fill 2 blocks on either side of a corner square. On target!

6. Letters and Numbers

This one is old school. Popular numbers include 3, 4, 7 and 8, and some of the more commonly found letters in halls around the UK or best bingo sites include Y, T, E, X and Z.

7. Festive Figures

It’s common for certain combinations to be seen more during the run up to the festive season, but they can pop up at other high days and holidays. Favourites include the Bell and the Candy Cane — which are obviously most popular around Christmas time — but you could use all kinds of shapes for other festive occasions — for Halloween, for example, you could see a Witch’s Hat, which sort of looks like an upside-down bell.

8. The Unusual

Of course,  pattern variations are only limited by your imagination. Some of the more unusual combinations you might come across include the Aeroplane, the Turtle or the Kite (which looks quite similar to the Arrow). There’s even the Dollar Sign! The most imaginative patterns  are most often seen on online bingo sites.

How to play for each pattern

Bingo is based on chance, so there’s no specific formula for getting certain patterns because each game is different. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll play for a certain pattern every time. But if the chance does come up to beat a particularly challenging pattern, make sure to keep your eye on the prize!

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