A Brief Look at the Different Types of Colourful Bingo Daubers

A Bingo Player Using a Red Dauber/Dabber to Mark Off Numbers on a Bingo Card

Bingo is a fun game that gets you thinking on your feet. It’s even more enjoyable when you can add a bit of creative expression and use some different coloured markers to keep track of the numbers on your ticket. Those markers are known as daubers! 

If you’re a bingo fan, there is no doubt that you already know a thing or two about daubers, or dabbers — whichever term you prefer.

Whether you’re into offline or online bingo, daubers play a key role in keeping track of your numbers, whether you’re using ink or choosing between different virtual daub features online.

For those who are new to the game, we thought we’d give you a bit of insight into these devices, which come in different shapes and sizes, just like the game of bingo itself.

A brief history of bingo daubers

As you might already know, bingo has a long history, from its early days as a lotto game in Italy, to the pop culture phenomenon it is today.

When it was first played, people used beans to keep track of their numbers on a sheet. This was no doubt a practical solution and even led to the game’s early name, Beano. But, you can imagine that trying to keep beans in place can be tricky, especially if you are playing in a busy place with lots of people who might walk past and bump your table.

So, over the years, lots of other methods were used to keep track of numbers, from circular disks, which are still sometimes used today, to sliding windows over the numbers.

As better ways of using ink came about, ink daubers became popular, as they were much easier to keep track of and could be used in different shades and colours.

What exactly are daubers?

Close Up Shot of the Top of an Orange, Green and Blue Dauber/Dabber

Now that we’ve given you some background information, it’s time to move onto exactly what daubers are. Simply put, they are ink markers with a round sponge tip, which allow you to “mark off” the numbers on your bingo ticket.

These come in various shapes and sizes. You only need to search online to see the wide variety of choices available! Some players might even choose to use different shaped sponge tips so that they can express themselves more creatively while marking their sheet.

It doesn’t really matter which colour you use, but having options can certainly make it a lot more fun!

Different kinds of daubers on the market

We’ve touched on some of the different kinds of dabbers/daubers above, but for those who love to get their hands on some stationery, here is a brief breakdown of some of the different types.

  • Sizes: daubers come in different sizes, with different ink capacities, depending on how often you like to play. There are also several brands of children’s marker pens, which could be used for bingo games too.
  • Colours: these types of markers can often be bought in bulk, in one colour, or a variety. Glitter ink markers are also available and are sometimes sold separately. Markers with different patterns on the sponge tip are also available in packs.
  • DIY: if you prefer to refill your daubers, you can also buy DIY sets, which include the bottles, sponge tips and a plastic lever tool to lift off the sponge when you need to refill the bottle. Just be careful to work carefully, as ink can be messy!

How are daubers used online?

“Online Bingo” Typed Into the Search Bar on a Computer Screen

You might have read the part about different coloured inks above and wondered how this all relates to online bingo games. While you might not physically be holding the dauber during an online game, you can still customise your very own virtual dauber with a range of colour choices.

To make things even easier, you’ll often be given the option of an auto-daub feature, where all of your numbers are marked off automatically. This can save you time, although most games are designed to make sure you will still win if you have a winning pattern or combination.

Whether you go for manual or automatic, you can still get the feel of having a virtual marker cross off your numbers while you play, so you don’t have to miss out on any of the daubing action even when playing online at the best bingo sites!

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Whether you call it dabbing or daubing, or if you choose to go for manual or automatic, keeping track of numbers is now more simple, and more colourful, than ever before.

If you’re new to the world of online bingo, get started by signing up to play a variety of the best online bingo games, as well as online slots and scratchcards. For those on the move, get daubing on the go with mobile bingo too!