10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bingo

Bingo balls in a basket being turned

Bingo has been played for many years, all over the world, which means that it has a long history, full of information you might not know about! We’ve put together 10 lesser-known facts about the game, to help you learn more. From various statistics to the biggest bingo win, we cover it all.

Bingo is a well-loved pastime all over the United Kingdom. As technology evolves, both young and old are embracing it and playing online bingo, on desktop computers and their mobile devices.

But, while many people play the game, they might not know all there is to know about it. Let’s dive into some of the lesser-known facts about bingo.

10 lesser-known facts about bingo in the UK

1. It generates millions of pounds of revenue

You probably already knew that bingo was popular, but did you know that it generated £1 billion over the course of 2019? This means that daubing and counting numbers is not just a fun pastime, but a contributor to the economy. We couldn’t think of a better way to boost the country’s finances!

2. Mostly women play bingo

A young man and woman playing bingo in the office

A recent survey found out that over two-thirds of players are women. It’s not clear why this is the case, but we’re happy to have so many females on board! Of course, everyone is welcome to play at Booty Bingo, but it’s interesting to take note of the different demographics.

3. People of all ages play bingo

There is a common perception that it’s mostly older folk that like to daub and count numbers, but recent surveys show that almost everyone likes to play. The middle-aged (45+) appear to be the most avid fans, as they are the majority age group of players, according to statistics.

However, the spread between different age groups is fairly even, which means that almost everyone knows how much fun it can be!

4. Many people use their phone to play

Players use their desktop, laptop or tablet to play, but the most popular option is to play mobile bingo. This is no surprise really, since phones are becoming better and better when it comes to graphics and visual effects.

While many people might prefer one device or another, some also choose to play the game on multiple devices.

5. Most fans play at home

Young woman celebrating winning bingo on her laptop at home

This might be surprising, considering the fact that so many people like to play on their mobile phones, but statistics show that over two-thirds of players prefer to play in the comfort of their own home. At the same time though, millennials are most likely to play outside their home.

6. It’s the only game to be sanctioned by the British military

Bingo is such a tried and tested part of British society that it is the only game on record allowed to be played during the First World War. It’s a bit of a sombre fact, but we’re chuffed that keeping track of numbers helped keep soldiers happy during this time!

7. The biggest win was £1,167,795

According to the National Bingo Game Association, the biggest win ever was on 23 March 2008. This happened when Soraya Lowell from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, took home GBP £1,167,795 while playing The National Game at Club 3000 in Coatbridge. We’re sure she went home very happy that evening!

8. Over 3 million people play regularly

In the UK, surveys show that 3 million people play regularly (at least twice a week). This is quite a dedicated following, especially considering that the population of London itself is about 9 million. Of course, there were probably many more fans out there who didn’t take part in the survey.

9. At the beginning, it may have been called “Beano”

There are claims that around the 1920’s, during a game a player was so excited to have won a game that they cried out “Bingo” instead of “Beano” as it was originally called.

10. People play for fun!

You might think that bonuses and winnings are the main reason why people play bingo, but one of the most common reasons is just pure entertainment! An online bingo site will usually offer a variety of other games too, so you can always switch between them to make sure you’re having as much fun as possible.

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